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Is your business looking for innovative, yet inexpensive ideas to attracting new clients?

Would you like to introduce new services, or educating your existing customers on a wi
der range of services that you provide?

Explore the benefits of NWIConnect.COM Business Gallery Pages

The Business Gallery provides local businesses with the opportunity to have a web presence even if they are not ready to establish a full web site.

Why do you need a web presence?

Advertising is expensive, temporary, and very limiting in the amount of text and graphics you can supply.

Having a web presence enables you to:

  • fully express the goods and services your company offers
  • provide pictures and samples that emphasize your strengths and entice clients
  • provide phone numbers, hours of service and even a map to your location(s)
  • provide a link to this information from online directories such as Yahoo Yellow Pages
  • provide a link that you can use when placing online banner advertisements in places like "The Times Online".
  • provide an online location to store graphics and logos that you can then imbed when creating online mailings.

What do I get with a NWIConnect
Business Gallery Page?

  • NWI Connect will provides you with a single page (unlimited length) that you can use to display information about your web site as described above. This page can include your logo, pictures of your store or other pictures & graphics. All content MUST be appropriate for visitors of all ages.
  • Listing in the Business Gallery Directory and any other appropriate directory (dining guide, halls & rooms, birthday party, lessons)
  • 1 100 x 100 box ad link ($50.00 value) on a category page. Additional box links are available purchased separately.
  • 5 MB of storage space in a folder to be used for graphics, PDFs, catalogs, articles, color samples, fabric samples.
  • 2 - 3 hours of design work & programming is included, including map link creation. Extensive or complex requests will be extra. Extra charges are rare and done only with written requests.
  • Map to your Location(s) (Free): We provide Yahoo Maps and also Driving Directions if desired) for as many locations as you like.
  • Attachments: (Free): If you have a catalog, menu, article, page of samples, that you would like to make available to your customers as a download, we will store it for you and provide a link to it on your gallery page. It should be provided as an Adobe PDF file. If you need assistance converting a word processing file or graphic file to PDF we can do that for you for free. If you have printed material that you want converted, we will do that as an hourly service.
  • Photo Album: (Free)If you would like to include a photo album, we will create that and provide a link to it from your gallery page for free. An album displays small pictures, and then connects it to large pictures when the small picture is clicked on. This feature is good for displaying workmanship, material samples, model samples, fabric.
  • Marketing help and materials. Each business will receive a tent card directing your customers to NWI Connect and a window decal directing your customers to NWI Connect, both will have reference to your specific link locations and a coupon page if you purchased one.

What Options are Offered?

  • Coupon Page ($50.00) NWI Connect has a coupon page directory. Businesses that have Gallery Pages may purchase an additional coupon page for $50.00 a year. No coupons can be placed on the regular Gallery Pages.
    (Coupon pages do not have to contain a coupon at all times. A message reading "check back soon for our next coupon offer" can be posted. We will post coupons you provide or copy coupons that you have used in printed format. If you need design work, that can be purchased as an hourly service.)
  • Menu Page - $50.00
  • Business Directory listing & 2 box ad links (for businesses that have their own web site. We link to your existing site.
  • Vanity Name Link $(50.00 year). If you want to put a link to your gallery page at on printed material such as flyers, menus. you may do so. The link would look like this: .
  • If you would prefer to have a vanity link that is this can be done for $50.00 a year. It requires backbend programming and overhead on the web site.

Note: All Web Gallery Pages are considered display advertising. They are not replacements for your own company web site. If you would like to have a web site, NWI Connect will be happy to advise and assist you with your options and the creation process. We do not host, design or maintain web sites, but we do work with web site developers and hosting companies and even "do-it yourself" web stores and will act as a liaison to help you achieve the results you want.

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