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Establishing a Web Presence: Having a web presence is essential to any focused marketing strategy. NWI Connect provides an inexpensive alternative to a full web site with the Business Gallery. This one page ad can be used to provide up to date and useful content to your customers, serve as a link when using online advertising, and will bring customers who search at NWI Connect to your business.

We can also help companies looking to create a full web site. We work with a variety of web developers, your own developers (professional or family/friend) and can offer advice on what to look for if you are just selecting a web hosting service or web developer and will help you develop a coordinated marketing strategy that leverages your web presence when creating print and mail campaigns. Web sites don't have to cost a fortune. Let us help you save money
NWI SBD sponsors a new web portal to promote the contributions that Indiana businesses make to the community. This portal is designed to be a showcase where individuals and businesses can provide quality information content. Based on topics of interest rather than traditional directory listings this portal should improve inter business communication and build cross selling opportunities while serving the community.
E-Mail and Subscription Newsletters. We teach our customers how to build on their client relationships, improving communication, enhancing team efforts by using well designed, properly timed and managed electronic communication. Avoid having your mail campaigns deleted by spam. Make your communications be a positive anticipated event.
NWI SBD also creates and teaches advanced techniques using Adobe Acrobat 6.0 to create online input forms, e-books, e-catalogs, paper brochures and printed media, surveys, order forms, presentations and more. Learn how to leverage this great product.
Create and send direct mail campaigns using all the new online tools that make it easy to produce professional quality promotions without high end marketing & designer costs. NWI SBD will help you create your own materials and teach you how to use the resources available.
NWI SBD teaches business owners about online advertising.
Creating your presence on the web is the first step. Next you need to learn about the various search engines and how they work. Learn how to improve your business web site placement within them, and how to leverage use paid advertising, online directories, pay per click advertising and other online advertising techniques. Avoid predatory advertisement sellers by understanding the tools and how to use them.